Discussions On The Wall

B”H Discussions on the Wall By: Avrohom Wagshul Stepping into my new CoLab, I was excited to use the dry erase wall. After all, this was an opportunity to do what my mother always forbid me to do as a child: write on the wall! I was confident that my students would feel the same […]

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OUR 21st Century Classroom

Tips for Student Buy-in When Redesigning Your Classroom One of the top trends in education is re-designing the 21st century classroom. Our students need and deserve better than the status-quo: a lecture-based, stagnant classroom. Our classrooms should enhance and increase pedagogy and the learning process, not hold it back. At Hillel, we’re making the shift […]

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Measuring Success

As Hillel moves into the second full year of our CoLab experience, all good experiments need to raise questions, formulate hypotheses, make observations, gather data and then draw useful conclusions. Why? In order to make sure and guarantee that the quality of education inside of these innovative learning spaces is of the highest caliber. With […]

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Perfect Timing

“This is the key to time management – to see the value of every moment.” -Menachem Mendel Schneerson Often a top concern with educators, time is a precious commodity, one that we never feel we have quite enough of. Upon implementation of the flexible space model of the CoLab, one of my initial concerns was […]

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The Students Have Spoken

By Ilana Zadok, Middle School History Teacher During their last week of classes before summer break , middle school students learning in the CoLab were asked to reflect on their experiences learning in this new space by responding to the following question: How did learning in the CoLab add value to your learning and educational […]

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