The STEM Challenge Experience

By Meghan Borg, 4th-6th Grade Science Teacher

In my previous blog, I discussed some of the many skills students can learn through the process of completing STEM challenges.  I also detailed how this experience is greatly enhanced because we are working in an agile learning space.  However, in order to really see what is happening in the Science Co-Lab, a video better captures the essence of what we are doing.  In short, students are presented with an engineering challenge, expected to devise an idea in order to accomplish the challenge, present the idea to their team, decide which idea or parts of the idea to incorporate in the finished product, and finally, create something that fulfills the requirements.  After the experience, students are expected to reflect on the process.  Often they are given guiding questions for the reflection such as:  How important was time management in the process?  What did you learn about working with others?  How could you improve on the product you created?

Check out what we are doing in the video below!


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