Measuring Success

As Hillel moves into the second full year of our CoLab experience, all good experiments need to raise questions, formulate hypotheses, make observations, gather data and then draw useful conclusions. Why? In order to make sure and guarantee that the quality of education inside of these innovative learning spaces is of the highest caliber.

With the expansion of our CoLab environments to include two new classrooms, Jewish Studies learning environments and elementary school student spaces, the need to refine and reflect on practice will be of even greater immediacy.

Teachers will be asking such questions as: What configurations of desks and seating arrangements lead to the highests levels of engagement and focus? Do our smart walls actually save precious time in the planning of lessons? How do students reflect on their own success when given the autonomy of classroom space? Each of our teachers in CoLab environments will be presenting a different research question and project for this year and we will then be posting those questions on our CoLab blog, sharing the results as they unfold throughout the year. We hope to gain insights into practice and contribute, in some small way, to the ongoing conversation regarding enhancing student learning.

Jason Ablin – Principal; Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy


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